Plant Biotechnology

The department aims to graduate the scientific competence of the staff in the field of plant biotechnologies capable of dealing with different plants for the purpose of extracting and purifying secondary metabolic compounds such as pharmaceutical compounds, agricultural pesticides and dyes and using them in various fields as well as devising genetically modified plants to resist diseases and tolerate salinity by following modern techniques of tissue culture and Genetics engineering , where the student studies specialized curricula in this department, such as plant physiology, molecular biology, organic and analytical chemistry, plant tissue culture, microbiology, plant chemistry, genetics, plant pathology, toxicology, as well as environmental biotechnologies. The graduate of the department obtains a bachelor’s degree in the field of plant biotechnology. This graduate will be able to apply what he learned during four years of study by developing plant biotechnologies. Where it serves the labor market in terms of agriculture, environment and investment in medicinal plants. The department seeks to implement quality and stimulate scientific research in the fields of biotechnology and factory applications, and is committed to preparing and qualifying students according to the standards of graduate studies. The department also seeks to raise its professional skills in this specialty in the pharmaceutical fields.

Job Description

The graduate obtains a bachelor’s degree in plant biotechnology. Which makes him qualified to fill positions and positions in many scientific institutions, ministries and research centers. Such as the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Industry, medical research centers, food research centers, water purification and treatment plants, medical laboratories, food factories and the private sector (agricultural, environmental, pharmaceutical and industrial).